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Jan 30
A Japanse Night at Azure Beach Club

Omakase – a Japanese word that means leave it to me and this translates to “leave it to Chef Godfrey Laforteza and his team of chefs” to surprise you with his impromptu creation of modern Japanese cuisine.

Many might be apprehensive to try such a new dining experience, no preconceived idea of what to expect, no physical menu to look at or any fundamental notion of how the dining experience will be.

These uncertainties however fuel the excitement and anticipation for what the Chef can bring to the table.

One thing though is for certain; whatever Godfrey prepares for the night was developed around three elements fire, water and the color blue representing Azure. The dishes served also depend greatly on the available produce and fresh ingredients. An exciting notion especially those who would like to surprise themselves and try something out of the ordinary.

The modern Japanese dishes served bear familiar flavors only in different execution and presentation. Traditional Japanese flavors and technique meets contemporary cuisine.

“We want to introduce something new to Cebu. We want our clients to be able to trust us completely and allow us to surprise them with what we can do. True to Azure’s proposition, we will bring contemporary concepts in Mactan dining, and this is something we are excited to do” says Godfrey Laforteza.

The concept started because of Godfrey’s Japanese cuisine background which he has honed working in internationally renowned restaurants in New York, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bali.

“As they say cooking with love and with your heart by far creates the best tasting food. Thus, going by this mantra and with the skills and technique I have acquired through the years, I will be cooking based on what I feel. You’ll be surprised how a burst of inspiration coupled with mastered techniques can go a long way in creating surprising dishes that are as great tasting as they look” he adds.

All though the food for the night came as a surprise, everyone expects the quality, taste, presentation and service according to Azure Beach Club standard, which has been known for good food and friendly service since its opening in October last year.