Iberico Goes Korean

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Jul 24
Iberico Goes Korean
Featuring Hightower’s Legado Iberico

Azure Beach Club’s culinary team has dared to do another first. Blending Hightower’s Legado Iberico premium pork cuts with distinct and unique Korean flavors in an event launched last Friday, 24th July at the Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan.

Iberico pork alsoknown as pata negra in other countries delivers flavor and texture like no other — delicate, nutty, with melt-in-your-mouth marbling. More than just good taste, Iberico pork is also known for its unsaturated fat content that’s good for the heart.

With Hightower providing whats arguably the best pork in the world right here in Cebu, Azure Beach Club has now developed a special tapas menu that combines Spanish technique and Korean flavors and staying true to its cuisine concept being modern Asian.

There is nothing traditional in “Iberico goes Korean” as it is a modern interpretation of western technique and Asian flavors. On the menu are callos with gochujang toast, Iberico pork loin with haechandie samjang, pork collar croquettas with kimchi aioli, pork burrito with Korean miso paste on flavored rice and nori, candied sesame dried baby fish and pork jowl, wood show broiled chicken wings kalbi chim and bebe hamburguesa with mixed Korean pickels.

“We’re very excited about working with Hightower for this special month-long promotion at Azure Beach Club.This is what we are all about, itdemonstrates how we are constantly raising the bar on crafting creative experiences. We have received some great feedback at the radical approach of blending Iberico with Korean flavors while subtly ensuring the distinct Ibericotaste comes through.To sum it all up, we are quite happy with how the great food, creative cocktailsand music came together. Tonight’s turn-out couldn’t be any better” Crimson’s Resort Manager Kristofer Quadros shared.