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Oct 24
Fierce Angel
Azure Beach Club Opening

The opening celebration of Azure Beach Club, Crimson’s new flagship beach club was packed with the biggest names in Cebu’s business, media and society and was hosted by one of the country’s top event host and endorser Tim Yap.

Fierce Angel with founder Mark Doyle and saxophonist Lady V provided the night’s music to dance and party to. Despite the rain, everyone’s spirit was on high with the all night open bar to showcase Azure’s wide array of beverage selection and signature cocktails.

Earlier in the night, the city Mayor Paz Radaza and Archipelago international chairman Charles Brookfield as well as the projects main proponents James Montenegro and Francis Gotianun celebrated the opening with a toast. VIP guests were treated to a fantastic dinner prepared by Chef Godfrey Laforteza. Guests were served a trio of appetizers – tuna tataki, salmon carpaccio and grilled chicken with crispy wanton salad; premium lamb chops and angus steaks and the freshest prawns, fish and lobster. For sweet ending everyone enjoyed Szechuan pepper cream brule with compressed purple yam and banana black sesame ice cream.

Apart from the happy tummies, everyone was entertained with a hover board show – a man daring to go up high in the air in a hover powered by the jets of a jetski. The guy even showed us his own dance moves in Fierce Angel music before asking everyone for a toast. Towards the end of his performance a spectacular fireworks display lit the night sky to officially celebrate Azure Beach Club’s opening.

“The development and completion of Azure is a new milestone for us. As we continue to set a new benchmark in dining and events, this place will provide Cebu a new gem in the food and beverage and entertainment. This will add a new and exciting variety to the region’s attraction and positively impact the city’s image” says Area general Manager James Montenegro.